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The insider's guide to dealing effectively with the Public Guardian and Trustee

This publication is essential for: all civil litigators and their support staff

Current to: July 15, 2023

From simple conveyances to complex settlements, many files involve the Public Guardian and Trustee. With the Public Guardian and Trustee Handbook you have quick access to comprehensive information on the role and responsibility of the Public Guardian and Trustee in files involving services to adults, services to children and youth, estate and personal trust services, and class proceedings. Sample forms and specific guidance on requesting information from the Public Guardian and Trustee help to guide you through this special area of practice.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • recognize when and how the Public Guardian and Trustee will be involved in your client's case
  • understand your client's obligations when the Public Guardian and Trustee is involved in the case
  • access tips on practice and procedure when interacting with the Public Guardian and Trustee

Buy today and interact confidently with the Public Guardian and Trustee! View a sample from this book!

The 2023 Update to the Fourth Edition of the Public Guardian & Trustee Handbook includes discussion of significant changes to case law, legislation, and practice.

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