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Your inside look into the BC Land Title and Survey Authority

This publication is essential for: anyone who deals with land title matters in BC

Current to: August 1, 2023

Published under authority of the Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA), Land Title Practice Manual is the reference resource for BC conveyancers. Used by LTSA staff when reviewing registration applications, this indispensable resource provides you with the full Land Title Act containing section-by-section commentary with applicable forms, practice tips, and case summaries. In addition, you will find annotated relevant sections of over 20 other statutes and regulations affecting land title practice. Examples of documents acceptable to the LTSA, guidance on instrument registration, and a survey of liens and charges are also included as handy materials.

With an online subscription to Land Title Practice Manual, your firm will be able to:

  • conveniently access detailed guidance at any time and from any location, search for relevant information, link directly to significant legislation, case law, and websites, and download precedents
  • understand the perspective of LTSA staff who review applications
  • reduce your risk of LTSA defect notices
  • quickly obtain answers to your questions about land title submissions

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Highlights of the 2023 Update:

  • updated E-Filing Directions, Practice Bulletins, and forms
  • updated Surveyor General's Circular Letters
  • updated legal notations and charges
  • annotated legislation updated
    • Sept. 30 retirement of blanket authorization of Land Title Act s. 49 affidavit use due to COVID medical concerns
    • Power of Attorney Act and Regulation amendments permitting remote witnessing of enduring POA
    • Property Law Act and regulation enactments re home buyer rescission period
    • Oil and Gas Activities Act amendment and retitling as Energy Resource Activities Act; Oil and Gas Commission retitling as BC Energy Regulator
    • Environmental Management Act and Contaminated Sites Regulation amendments establishing new soil relocation regime
    • Expropriation Act amendments exempting land transfers to francophone education authorities
    • Strata Property Act annotation revised re raising title to road to register easement without closing road
    • Strata Property Act and Regulation amendments prohibiting rental restrictions and limiting age restrictions
  • case law updated and dozens of relevant new BCCA and BCSC cases discussed

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