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Your guide to understanding financial information in financially complex family law cases

This publication is essential for: all lawyers advising family law clients on financially complex issues

Current to: October 1, 2023

The Third Edition of Financial Issues in Family Law guides you through the financially complex matters that arise on the breakdown of a relationship when one or both of the spouses have business interests and interests in trusts. This includes characterization as family property or excluded property, financial disclosure, valuation principles, methods of division, tax consequences, and the calculation of income for child support.

To help illustrate the concepts, sample documents are presented and annotated with practical commentary. Among these are financial statements for a sole proprietorship, a holding company, and an operating company, as well as business valuations for the holding company and operating company, a trust agreement, sample tax returns, and a calculation of Child Support Guideline income. 

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand the nature of ownership of a business and the information contained in its financial statements
  • work effectively with an expert on preparing or critiquing a business valuation
  • understand the nature of an interest in a trust
  • confidently identify tax considerations of property division and income available for child support

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Highlights of the Third Edition:

  • discussion of financially complex matters in the context of the Family Law Act property division regime
  • in-depth discussion of financial statements of a business and valuing the business
  • sample financial statements and business valuations, annotated with important considerations
  • in-depth discussion of interests in trusts in the family law context
  • incorporation of the joint expert requirement for financial issues
  • thoroughly updated tax and child support guideline income chapters
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Jennifer E. Thorne

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