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The efficient way to find key principles and cases in BC family law

This publication is essential for: all lawyers who need to understand and keep current on family law in BC

Current to: October 15, 2023

Need to know the current state of the law on an issue in your family law file? Turn to the Family Law Sourcebook for British Columbia first to get a complete understanding of the legal principles and leading case law on all of the issues you face in BC family law. For over 25 years, this is the trusted resource that the BC bench and bar keep at their finger tips.

With an online subscription to Family Law Sourcebook for British Columbia, your firm will be able to:

  • conveniently access detailed guidance at any time and from any location, search for relevant information, link directly to significant legislation, case law, and websites
  • easily find the current law on issues such as care of children, child support, property division, pension division, spousal support, adoption, and child protection
  • quickly go to the leading cases so you can spend more time looking for specific decisions suited to your facts
  • understand the relationship between specific issues in the BC family law context

Subscribe today and save time finding your way through BC family law! View a sample from this book!

Highlights of the 2023 Update include:

  • new case law on jurisdiction for obtaining a divorce, prejudice from divorce, date of separation, and collusion
  • updated discussion on tort claims in family law proceedings, including remedies for family violence
  • updated discussion and case law on parenting issues, including counselling, relocation, changes of parenting arrangements, appointment of parenting coordinators, and contempt
  • updated analysis and case law on child support issues such as treatment of capital gains and stock benefits in determining income, income averaging approaches, ss. 7 and 9 of the Child Support Guidelines, high-income earners, imputation of income, and lump sum awards
  • updated discussion and case law on property division, including: new content on companion animals under the Family Law Act, analysis of the May 2023 amendments to the Family Law Act eliminating the presumptions of advancement and resulting trust, prescribing new significant unfairness factors for dividing excluded property, and addressing property transfers between spouses, and recent cases on inheritances, settlements/awards of damages, valuation of property, and the effect of bankruptcy
  • updated analysis and case law on spousal support issues, including "marriage-like relationships," limitation periods, entitlement, retirement as a change of circumstances, and the effect of bankruptcy
  • updated procedures for case planning conferences and trial briefs; given the September 2023 amendments to the Supreme Court Family Rules
  • new case law on family law agreements (including oral agreements, improper advantage, limitation periods and application of the Family Relations Act, and independent legal advice), injunctive relief (including exclusive occupancy, online posts, and anonymization), discovery and financial disclosure, evidence (including joint experts, medical test results, counsel for children, and admissibility of recordings, emails, and texts), and costs
  • the November 2022 updates to the Adoption Act and new case law on non-placement adoptions

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