Expert Evidence in British Columbia Civil Proceedings - 6th Edition

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Your guide to finding, choosing, and using an expert

This publication is essential for: all litigators who work with expert witnesses

Current to: July 1, 2021

Expert opinion plays a critical role in most civil cases—and litigators should know how to use experts to their full advantage. Expert Evidence in British Columbia Civil Proceedings will help you handle BC's distinctive expert evidence rules. Practical and portable, this guidebook offers analysis of case law and advice on tactics and tools so you can effectively select, brief, lead, and attack expert evidence. With the view from the bench, you can learn what makes a powerful expert opinion presentation in the eyes of a trial judge. Specialized topics also include expert evidence in mediations and before administrative tribunals.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • identify when and how to use expert opinions
  • analyze how to lay the factual basis for an expert opinion
  • present your expert evidence so it effectively supports your case
  • better prepare your expert for the witness stand

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Highlights of the Sixth Edition include:

  • all chapters, forms and precedents, and other features of the manual have been brought current to July 1, 2021
  • significant rewrite of chapter 5 (Briefing the Expert Witness) and chapter 8 (Attacking Expert Evidence)
  • new sections covering the following: 
    • amendments to the BC Evidence Act limiting the number of expert reports and disbursements in vehicle personal injury actions
    • challenging the admissibility of some or all of an expert's report in a voir dire
    • the expert's reliance on hearsay in forming their opinion
  • new and expanded discussion regarding, among others, the following:
    • seeking production of documents from an expert's file solely for the purpose of objecting to the admissibility of the report
    • co-production of expert work products
    • circumstances where lack of independence may be grounds for excluding an expert report
    • the steps a party may take in challenging an expert for bias
    • the expert's role in cases turning on the resolution of historical facts, Indigenous rights, and title litigation
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