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The smart way to start your business acquisition investigation

This publication is essential for: lawyers acting for purchasers or lenders in business acquisitions

Current to: June 1, 2023

As a lawyer acting for a purchaser in a business acquisition, the first question is: What searches should you conduct as part of your due diligence review? The Due Diligence Deskbook provides practical, BC-centric commentary on each type of search you need to perform including discussion of why and how to conduct the search, limits and legislation applicable to the search, precedent request letters, and information sheets containing comprehensive contact information to help you investigate systematically and efficiently.

With Due Diligence Deskbook, you will be able to:

  • access detailed guidance for Bank of Canada, bankruptcy, corporate, tax, employment, environmental, land title, litigation, municipal, natural resource, personal property registry, provincial work order, securities, and specialty searches
  • take advantage of over 45 search request correspondence templates
  • look up addresses, phone numbers, fees, and delivery times for all your searches in one place

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Highlights of the 2023 Update include:

  • new discussion on meaning of "insolvent" and other nuances for insolvency records searches
  • new commentary on Title Overlap Reports with respect to mineral title searches
  • updated analysis on searches of First Nation lands, including commentary on the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management Act and new case law
  • new analysis on temporary expanded service areas and permanent structural changes for liquor licences
  • expansion of the speculation and vacancy tax to more municipalities
  • commentary on the new permit application process for Project Environmental Review of water lots
  • new online registry available for due diligence with respect to fisheries and oceans
  • extensive updates to Information Sheets throughout the publication
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