Civil Litigation Basics 2021

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Learn from CLEBC's litigation expertsnot the school of hard knocks!

(Original Live Webinar Date: April 6 and 7, 2021)

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Who should attend: Junior civil litigators and experienced litigators seeking a refresher on key elements within civil litigation

Learning level: Fundamental

Here is a chance to experience top litigators presenting actual arguments to actual judges. This unique course is designed for several groups including: lawyers in the first two years of practice, lawyers changing areas of practice, and experienced lawyers who want a conceptual refresher on key elements within civil litigation. The program will also be of interest to law students and articled students.

This year's program takes a new approach, as registrants will experience the entire life cycle of a case by watching counsel present the necessary arguments at various stages of a single fact pattern. The first time through their presentation, counsel will be making all the mistakes that drive judges crazy. Participants will try to identify all those errors in real time, then listen as the judges and counsel debrief on what should have been done better. Counsel will then re-present the argument in the most effective manner. Registrants will have an opportunity to test their skills against those of their colleagues, as door prizes will be available to those who identify the most errors. This course will focus on providing registrants with the knowledge base they need to avoid falling into error themselves.

Please note: the practice focused course materials will relate to the fact pattern, the analysis of issues, and error identification within each stage of the litigation process. Registrants seeking a topic by topic review of the elements of civil litigation are directed to CLEBC's Courses on Demand archive of Civil Litigation Basics 2018 and the associated reference materials. 

Law Society of BC CPD Hours: 9 hours (this course will contain a minimum of 2 hours pertaining to professional responsibility and ethics, client care and relations, and/or practice management). Please note: The CPD hours of the rebroadcast will either meet or exceed the CPD hours of the original live webinar course.

Course Chairs
The Honourable Mr. Justice Ward K. Branch — Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver
Luciana P. Brasil — Branch MacMaster LLP, Vancouver

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