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The bench and bar's indispensable guide to criminal jury trial preparation

This book is essential for:  Judges and lawyers preparing for criminal jury trial instructions

Current to: October 1, 2020

You know how much work is involved in a criminal jury trial—research, case law analysis, the elements of the charge. Canadian Criminal Jury Instructions (CRIMJI) puts all of the legal research that goes into preparing a jury instruction to work for you. Guided by a cross-Canada editorial board, this authoritative resource provides you with over 150 model instructions on trial procedures, evidence, and major offences and defences. Each instruction gives you an outline of key components of the instruction, discusses relevant case law, and highlights alternatives and notes of caution.

With CRIMJI, you will be able to:

  • save time drafting criminal jury instructions
  • confidently suggest amendments or additions to a jury instruction
  • understand the evidentiary foundation of a particular crime or defence
  • explain evidence and law relevant to your case in plain language understandable to a jury

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Highlights of the 2020 Update include:

  • case law, legislation, and commentary brought current to October 1, 2020
  • significant revisions to CRIMJI Instructions 1.00 (Opening Comments to the Jury Panel), 4.87 (Hearsay Evidence – Out-of-Court Statement Made to a Witness – Person Who Made Statement Not Called), 6.66 (Sexual Assault), 8.87 (Mistake of Fact – Honest Belief), and 11.03 (Final Instruction to the Jury (s. 745.6)) to reflect recent changes to the law and further refine the Instructions
  • new or revised User Notes added to, among others, CRIMJI Instruction 4.04 (Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt), 4.21 (After-the-Fact Conduct), 8.53 (Provocation) to further explain or include commentary regarding the elements of the Instructions
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