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A lawyer’s day-to-day guide to conveyancing

This publication is essential for: lawyers looking for guidance on practice and procedure issues arising from conveyancing in BC

Current to: April 1, 2021

Although an efficient conveyancing practice may involve delegation to support staff, lawyers are ultimately responsible for ensuring a conveyance is properly managed and advice is sound. In addition to complete coverage of the necessary stages of a conveyance, British Columbia Real Estate Practice Manual guides you through practice issues you are most likely to confront that require your expertise, including discussion of real estate licensee regulation, tax considerations for both buyers and sellers, undertakings, and collapsing deals. Mainly focused on residential property, this resource also provides a summary of considerations in commercial conveyances.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • quickly spot and avoid common conveyancing practice errors and mistakes
  • refer to statutes and cases to start your investigation of any substantive law issues that arise
  • access over 125 conveyancing forms and precedents to save you time

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Highlights of the 2021 Update include:

  • filing requirements under Land Owner Transparency Act
  • April 30, 2021 LOTR search capability for general public
  • case law on implied agency of real estate licensee to unrepresented buyer or seller
  • case law on licensee's breach of fiduciary duty test
  • advent of B.C. Financial Services Authority as sole real estate regulator
  • new and updated forms, precedents, and appendixes, including sample statutory declarations regarding Empty Homes Tax and Speculation and Vacancy Tax
  • amendment of CBA standard undertakings to facilitate electronic funds transfers
  • extension of REDMA early marketing for COVID-19 pandemic
  • Electronic Filing System phase-out, Web Filing phase-in
  • SCC: extent of good faith duty in contractual obligations
  • case law on whether specific performance election irrevocable
  • case law on forfeiture of deposit by repudiating purchaser
  • new exemption from additional Property Transfer Tax for qualifying Canadian-controlled limited partnerships
  • site profile renamed site disclosure statement with EMA amendments
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L. Joy Tataryn

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