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Practical solutions to your builders lien problems and questions

This publication is essential for: lawyers needing practical guidance on BC builders lien issues

Current to: June 1, 2023

Builders liens issues arise frequently in construction and real estate practices and you need to have speedy answers for your clients. The British Columbia Builders Liens Practice Manual guides you through practical issues that frequently arise under the Builders Lien Act, covering the entire process from how to file a claim of lien all the way to enforcing a lien. With each topic, you receive guidance, relevant sections of the Act, case law, and templates to help you address the specific lien issue that your client is facing.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand the nature of the lienable interest, the builders lien trust, and lien priorities
  • quickly determine the procedures and time limits for filing, enforcing, or discharging your client's lien
  • avoid common builders lien mistakes leading to solicitor's liability

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Highlights of the 2023 Update include:

  • large and liberal construction of Builders Lien Act in keeping with modern approach (BCCA)
  • "owner" under BLA with equitable interest in land (BCSC)
  • "interdependent" improvements on separate parcels (BCCA)
  • abandoned improvement (BCSC)
  • substantial versus inconsequential errors or omissions in claim of lien (BCCA, BCSC)
  • overstated lien amount as abuse of process (BCSC)
  • interpretation of "subcontractor" (BCCA)
  • "issuance" versus "delivery" of certificate of completion (BCSC)
  • termination of head contract (BCSC)
  • "procedural" lien discharge methods
  • new enforcement decisions (BCCA, BCSC)
  • lien security cases (BCSC)
  • lien bond versus cash security (BCCA, ABCA)
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