Torts - 2013

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This book is essential for: Civil litigators, both plaintiff and defence; insurance industry personnel.

Current to: May 2013

Your update on torts of all sorts!
Canadian tort law continues to evolve in a dynamic fashion—in some areas moving in new directions, in others staying the course, and in still others, returning to earlier conceptions. In this context, this comprehensive publication reviews current developments and emerging trends in tort law. The book looks at the critical issues and the important cases that span the broad spectrum of tort law. In addition to presenting a review of substantive tort law, the book also examines tort litigation practice issues of general application. This publication is for all counsel who practice in the area of tort law.

Course Materials Coordinator
Professor Joost Blom, QC — Faculty of Law at Allard Hall, University of BC, Vancouver

CLEBC Program Lawyer
Raymond Lee

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