Commercial Litigation for Legal Support Staff

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ISBN: 978-1-55258-789-8
Pages: 340
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This book is essential for: litigation support staff and junior counsel seeking an overview of the file process.

Current to: April 2012 

This is a comprehensive review of the essential elements comprising the effective and efficient management of commercial litigation files. From file opening to file conclusion, this publication covers what you need to know to keep your files under control no matter how large or complex they may be! Topics include: obtaining and organizing documents, electronic discovery primer, mediation, third party claims, privilege and proving documents at trial, handling and interviewing witnesses, and the role of lawyer vs. role of support staff. Master the process, improve your performance, and reduce your stress levels!

Course Materials Coordinators
Michael J. Hewitt — Singleton Urquhart LLP, Vancouver
Steve M. Vorbrodt — Singleton Urquhart LLP, Vancouver

CLEBC Program Lawyer
Raymond Lee

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