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Your helpful guidebook to the Wills, Estates and Succession Act and the Probate Rules 

This publication is essential for: all practitioners who do any wills and estates work

Current to: June 1, 2014 

This guidebook includes overviews of the WESA and the Probate Rules, detailed tables of concordance prepared by the BCLI and CLEBC, and full, annotated versions of the WESA and Probate Rules. You will also find topical chapters that review key emerging and transition issues and learn what you don't need to worry about at this time. The commentary in the WESA Transition Guide was prepared by many of the WESA's central figures and other leading estates practitioners. All of the information is contained in an easy-to-use looseleaf binder, with an accompanying online version.

Highlights of the 2014 Update include:

  • amendments to the WESA pursuant to Bill 14, 2014 (Justice Statutes Amendment Act, 2014)
  • amendments to the new probate rules (Part 25 of the Supreme Court Civil Rules), pursuant to B.C. Reg. 44/2014
  • amendments to the probate forms in new Appendix A.1 of the Supreme Court Civil Rules
  • related recent practice developments affecting the WESA
  • all parts of the publication current to June 1, 2014


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