Canadian Criminal Jury Instructions

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This book is essential for: judges and lawyers involved in criminal jury trials.

Current to: September 1, 2012

For over 20 years, the source of jury instructions and law that the bench and bar in Canada have turned to
You know how much work is involved in a criminal jury trial. Research. Case law analysis. The elements of the charge. Now, put all of the case law research that goes into a judge's instruction to the jury to work for you. Prepared by Professor Gerry A. Ferguson, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, Mr. Justice Michael Dambrot of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, and Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett of the BC Court of Appeal, and reviewed by an expert editorial board,
CRIMJI is used across Canada by the judiciary and the criminal bar as an indispensable reference featuring:

  • over 135 instructions on trial procedures, evidence, and all major offences and defences
  • clear, concise language that is easy for jurors to understand
  • extensive annotations with references and quotes from relevant case law
  • user notes and checklists
  • charges, notes, tables, and index on CD-ROM

    Highlights of the 2012 update

    • a new instruction on using a firearm in the commission of an offence (6.85)
    • a new instruction on pointing a firearm (6.87)
    • a new instruction on carrying a concealed weapon (6.90)
    • a revised instruction on driving "over 80" causing an accident resulting in death/bodily harm (6.34A) to incorporate the decision of R. v. St-Onge Lamoureux, 2012 SCC 57

    CLEBC Legal Editor
    Laura C. Selby

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