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Effective advice; Key forms and precedents for all your business law clients

This publication is essential for: all solicitors in their first five years of practice and also for general practitioners who do any business law work.

Current to: November 1, 2014 

Take advantage of the collective wisdom of BC’s leading business law practitioners! This broad-ranging work offers the type of information that good mentors pass on to their associates, with an emphasis on "how to" and practical tips.

Advising BC Businesses covers all stages of advising a business, starting from the first meeting with the client. With this resource, you will help clients select appropriate business structures and to set up their businesses, and guide them through the legal issues that arise during the life of a business. You will be able to handle a diverse range of client needs and situations, recognize possible pitfalls and problems, and determine when you need more specialized advice.

16 chapters in volume 1 refer to over 60 key forms and precedents in volume 2. Coverage includes companies, societies, partnerships, and other kinds of businesses.

Winner of the ACLEA Award for Professional Excellence in Publications.

Subscriptions include online access with search capabilities and links to the full text of case law and legislation, and forms and precedents on CD-ROM.

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Highlights of the 2015 update

The manual includes updated resources and commentary, new and updated forms, precedents and checklists, as well as updated tables of cases, legislation, and references, and index. Highlights include:

  • Chapter 1 (Initial Considerations)—expanded discussion on the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporation Act and Community Contribution Companies
  • Chapter 2 (Organizing and Operating a Business)— Community Contribution Companies and registration procedures under NWPTA
  • Chapter 4 (Equity Financing)—update on potential prospectus exemption on start-up crowdfunding
  • Chapter 5 (Business Acquisitions)—added content on the tax implications of non-competition agreements under the Income Tax Act, s. 56.4
  • Chapter 6 (Due Diligence)—discussion of the anti-spam legislation, and the significance of the SCC decision Bhasin v. Hrynew, 2014 SCC 71
  • Chapter 8 (Tax Issues)—the decision that a general partner in a limited partnership is liable to pay PST on the purchase of partnership assets: Edenvale Restoration Specialist Ltd. v. The Queen, 2013 BCCA 85; revisions to the qualified small business corporation shares lifetime capital gains exemption, and the shift to little tax advantage to earning personal services business income through a corporation
  • Chapter 9 (Intellectual Property Issues)—a summary of forthcoming amendments to the Trade-marks Act; more precise descriptions and examples of patentable vs. unpatentable claims (e.g., unpatentable higher life forms and patentable lower life forms), and how to construct a patent claim
  • Chapter 10 (Employment and Labour)—description of liability of workers and employers regarding bullying, plus a sample Workplace Bullying and Harassment Policy (FP41A)

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CLEBC Legal Editor
Morag MacLean

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