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The smart way to start your business acquisition investigation

This publication is essential for: solicitors acting for a purchaser or lender in a business acquisition.

Current to: July 1, 2017

You're a solicitor acting for a purchaser in a business acquisition. What searches should you conduct as part of your due diligence review? The Due Diligence Deskbook provides practical, BC-centric commentary on each type of search you need to perform including discussions of why and how to conduct the search, limits and legislation applicable to the search, precedent request letters, and information sheets containing comprehensive contact information to help you investigate systematically and efficiently.

With Due Diligence Deskbook, you will be able to:

  • access detailed guidance for Bank of Canada, bankruptcy, corporate, tax, employment , environmental, land title, litigation, municipal, natural resource, personal property registry, provincial work order, securities, and specialty searches

  • take advantage of over 45 search request correspondence templates

  • look up addresses, phone numbers, fees, and delivery times for all your searches in one place

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 Highlights of the 2017 update:

  • Chapter 3 (Bankruptcy Searches): updates to search procedures

  • Chapter 8 (Out-of-Province Corporate Searches): updates to many information sheets

  • Chapter 12 (Human Rights Records Searches): amended federal and BC legislation

  • Chapter 15 (Transportation of Dangerous Goods): updates reflecting federal Access to Information Act and BC’s Special Waste Information System

  • Chapter 16 (Land Title): revisions for myLTSA and new electronic filing procedures

  • Chapter 19 (Court Bailiff Due Diligence Searches): extensive updates to information sheets

  • Chapter 20 (Zoning and Land Use Compliance Searches): extensive updates to information sheets

  • Chapter 22 (Health): impact of Food and Agricultural Products Classification Act and other new legislation

  • Chapter 36 (Motor Vehicle Searches): revised process for searching ICBC vehicle records


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