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William Buholzer's classic guide to BC local government laws

This book is essential for: any government employee, government official, or lawyer who deals with local government laws

Current to: May 1, 2022

Lawyers and council members need to be familiar with the legal principles of local government in order to properly navigate the ever-changing regulatory and policy context of municipal law. Prominent lawyer Bill Buholzer has written Local Government: A British Columbia Legal Handbook to provide the legal and local government communities with an accessible, topic-by-topic resource that explains how the Local Government Act and Community Charter work with other statutes to govern each aspect of local government law including elections, services, powers, finances, and land use management.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand the rights and responsibilities of local governments
  • navigate local government operations and decision-making processes
  • gain insight into how BC courts and other Canadian "broad municipal powers" jurisdictions view local government laws

Buy today so you can understand the BC local government landscape! View a sample from the book!

Highlights of the Ninth Edition:

  • council codes of conduct, ethical conduct complaints
  • disincorporation of mountain resort municipality following litigation
  • diking authorities, construction, and operation of dikes
  • First Nations representation on regional district boards
  • effect of criminal conviction on nomination eligibility
  • agreements for regional district services to Nisga'a Nation
  • BCCA decision on concurrent municipal/provincial authority
  • "reasonableness" review of local building officials' decisions, per Vavilov (SCC) standard
  • uses of lands devised or transferred for public parks
  • successful nuisance claim against local government extending local state of emergency
  • amended local government public notification requirements
  • ombudsperson on tax sales' effects on vulnerable persons
  • closure of Auditor General for Local Government office, statutory repeal
  • BCCA decision on reconsideration of delegate's development permit refusal
  • BCCA reconciliation of whether land use regulation may distinguish between users of land
  • judicial review of residential rental tenure zoning bylaws in strata context
  • statutory land use covenants
  • effect of Vavilov (SCC) on staff-level decisions
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