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Leading commercial lawyers open their files to help you draft your lease

This publication is essential for: lawyers who work in commercial leasing in BC 

Imagine being able to access a vault of commercial lease precedents from some of BC's leading commercial lawyers. Commercial Leasing: Annotated Precedents offers you a premiere collection of samples for an offer to lease, full leases for various scenarios, agreements related to leasing, and special commercial lease provisions, along with commentary about concerns such as tax, financing, default, and registration.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand commercial lease clauses you use every day and know exactly why each is there
  • improve your negotiating position by understanding both landlord and tenant points of view
  • know what's critical to include in your lease and what you can afford to give up in negotiation

Buy today and draft commercial leases like seasoned counsel! View a sample from this book!

Highlights of the 2022 Update include:

  • incorporation of developments in legislation, practice, and case law, including Sutter Hill Management Corporation v. Mpire Capital Corporation and the "commercially reasonable best efforts" standard, Hudson's Bay Company ULC v. Pensionfund Investment Ltd., and Cherry Lane Shopping Centre Holdings Ltd. v. Hudson's Bay Company ULC on relief from forfeiture and unavoidable delay, and M&N Hewitt Enterprises Ltd. v. British Columbia on property transfer tax
  • revisions to the offer to lease precedent and its annotations to reflect a conditional offer
  • new annotated clauses for operating costs, including clauses for landlord contingency and reserve funds, costs of preparing or implementing health emergency plans, and a provision permitting the tenant to review the landlord's records in respect of the determination of operating costs with a method for resolving any resulting disagreement
  • updated discussion and new cases on the duty to mitigate
  • new discussion of green leasing provisions
  • revised annotations and case law on GST matters for commercial leases
  • new forms for the registration of leases
  • updated precedent clauses and annotations for leases of strata property
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