Land Title Electronic Forms Guidebook

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Prepare your electronic land title forms with accuracy

This publication is essential for: anyone who prepares electronic land title forms in BC

Current to: August 16, 2017 

Since introducing e-filing, the accuracy and precision of conveyancers filling out land title forms has never been more important for land title application registrations.  Published under authority of the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, the Land Title Electronic Forms Guidebook assists you in proper completion of land title forms in BC. This guide begins with a discussion of select Land Title Act provisions and the Director of Land Titles’ general requirements. Subsequent chapters each focus on a specific form, taking you step-by-step through how to complete each field, and providing you with pointers, recommendations, and mistakes to avoid.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • rapidly complete land title applications with fewer errors

  • understand the idiosyncrasies of each electronic land title form

  • reduce the frustration of working with electronic registration technology

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Highlights of the 2017 Update include:

  • additional or revised instructions in chapters 4 (Form B Mortgage), 5A (Form C Charge), 5B (Form C Release), 8 (Declaration), 9 (Form 17), and 12 (Application to Deposit Plan)

  • additional or revised examples in chapter 3 (Form A Freehold Transfer), 4 (Form B Mortgage), 5A (Form C Charge), 5B (Form C Release), 8 (Declaration), 9 (Form 17) and 12 (Application to Deposit Plan)

  • updates to most chapters, with all commentary, forms, screenshots, and legislation brought current to August 16, 2017
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