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Navigate each step of a mortgage transaction—from receipt of instructions to closing—with confidence

This publication is essential for: lawyers acting for borrowers, guarantors, and lenders in mortgage transactions

Current to: February 1, 2024

British Columbia Mortgages Practice Manual covers almost every practical issue that can arise from the wealth of rules and regulations that govern mortgage lending in BC. This resource offers you topic-by-topic guidance through the entire mortgage process from receiving lender's instructions and conducting searches to preparing mortgage documents and concluding the mortgage, focusing on the residential mortgage transaction but also discussing special considerations for commercial mortgages.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand the legal principles underlying the mortgage process
  • refer to over 80 precedents including search letters, file documentation, opinions, and special mortgage templates 
  • ensure you don't miss a step with checklists for client verification, mortgage procedure, drafting, and PPSA registration

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Highlights of the 2024 Update include:

  • updated procedures throughout—preliminary matters, documentation, closing procedures, discharges
  • recent authorities on nature and essence of a mortgage
  • updated discussions of fraud—value fraud, identity fraud, funds transfer fraud
  • updated info on cost of borrowing disclosure obligations under Bank Act and Financial Consumer Protection Framework Regulations
  • anticipated phased implementation of Mortgage Services Act and repeal of Mortgage Brokers Act
  • new model forms of real estate opinions from Solicitors' Legal Opinions Committee
  • enhanced discussions of special mortgages (second/subsequent mortgage, mortgage of residential lease, mortgage of mortgage)—professional obligations,
    s. 28 notices, consolidations, searches and investigations
  • updated search letters and fees
  • updated checklists—funds transfer fraud, identity fraud, value fraud, PPSA registration, mortgage drafting, mortgage procedure
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CLEBC Legal Editor
L. Joy Tataryn

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