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Be confident that the units and disbursements in your bills of costs will be allowed

This book is essential for: anyone involved in personal injury litigation arising from motor vehicle accidents

Current to: September 1, 2020

Plus TC&D: The Assessment of Costs and Disbursements in Motor Vehicle Injury Litigation is your must-have tool for preparing bills of costs under the tariff in Appendix B of the Supreme Court Civil Rules. It is the answer to all of your cost questions, from the number of units to claim under the ranges in the tariff, to which disbursements will be allowed by an assessor. Plus TC&D contains the most recent cases on each tariff item and specific disbursements selected by authors Christopher J. Hope and Kathryn S. Sainty, QC.

With Plus TC&D, you will be able to:

  • draft bills of costs more quickly and confidently
  • advise your clients of the risks of incurring certain disbursements
  • easily access the case law you need to persuade the other party or assessor of the appropriateness of your costs claims

Highlights of the 5th edition include:

  • in the print copy, consolidation of all of the case annotation updates since 2017
  • new case annotations to the following decisions:
    • Brown v. Goodacre, 2019 BCSC 1008 (Registrar)
    • Brown v. Williams, 2019 BCSC 1187 (Master)
    • Ezzemouri v. Wigeland, 2020 BCSC 611 (Registrar)
    • Fong v. British Columbia (Minister of Justice), 2019 BCSC 969
    • Gibson v. Mihalcheon, 2018 BCSC 35 (Master)
    • Neustaeter v. Insurance Corp. of British Columbia, 2020 BCSC 208 (Registrar)
    • Neustaeter v. Woroniuk, 2020 BCSC 273 (Registrar)
    • Ocean Rodeo Sports Inc. v. Oyen, 2019 BCSC 1393
    • Ouellette v. Nguyen, 2020 BCSC 366 (Registrar)
    • Pinch (Guardian ad litem of) v. Morwood, 2016 BCSC 1907
    • Whaley v. Bryant, 2020 BCSC 797

"An extraordinarily valuable tool for litigators ... user friendly and well-organized. It provides a quick reference to Appendix B on tariff items and disbursements." - Terrence L. Robertson, QC

"When it comes to TC&D, you want to know the accurate answer, fast and efficiently. There's no better place than this book. If you are a plaintiff's lawyer, you need to buy this book. In fact, you might want to buy one for defence counsel too." - Daniel Corrin

"This manual on costs and disbursements is practical, readable, well-organized, and useful. Use it to prepare your bill of costs, and carry it with you when you attend an assessment." - Ian Aikenhead, QC

Buy today and be confident about the next bill of costs you draft! View a sample from the book!

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