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Your handy Small Claims Court Act and Rules guide with commentary

This book is essential for: anyone appearing in Small Claims Court 

Current to: September 1, 2023

Small Claims Court may be the right court to take your client's case. With Small Claims Act and Rules: Annotated, you have quick and easy access to the complete text of the Small Claims Act and Small Claims Rules along with annotations of case law selected and summarized by provincial court judges. Designed to complement CLEBC's Provincial Court Small Claims Handbook, this resource is your guide to getting the right outcome for your client in Small Claims Court.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • quickly refer to the Rule or section of the Act that you need
  • access important case law on procedural and substantive law issues
  • confidently advise your client and appear in Small Claims Court

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Highlights of the 2024 Update include:

  • notable cases under the Small Claims Act and Rules:
    • it is not the responsibility of the trial judge, when dealing with a self-represented litigant, to advise them on how they should defend the action (Primex Industries Inc. v. Tatras Contracting Group Ltd., 2023 BCSC 818)
    • greater flexibility approach may be taken with respect to "medical reports," considered in context of the claim and the purpose of the Small Claims Act and Rules (Waller v. Nelson, 2023 BCPC 109) 
  • new and updated practice directions
  • the Civil Resolution Tribunal has jurisdiction to determine liability and damages for minor injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents (Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 2022 BCCA 163)
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CLEBC Legal Editor
Allison Cartier 

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