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Everything you need to know about motor vehicle accident claims in BC

This publication is essential for: all lawyers with motor vehicle accident claims files

Current to: February 1, 2023

Advising your client on motor vehicle accident claims requires in-depth knowledge of BC's legislative scheme. Let the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Practice Manual be your guide through the many complex issues that frequently arise. Often referred to by eminent counsel as the "go-to" resource for researching the extensive range of legal and practice issues that arise, this resource offers you clear and succinct analysis of key issues, discussion of leading cases, practice points, checklists and over 60 sample forms.

"The BC Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Practice Manual is rightfully known as 'the bible for personal injury lawyers.' I have practised personal injury law for 35 years and still consult it weekly. The only frustrating part is that even though we have two copies at my firm of six lawyers, I can never find it in our library, because it is always in someone else's office being used! You should not practice personal injury law without this manual, even if you're not doing car accident claims." – Alison Murray, QC, Murray Jamieson Barristers & Solicitors

With an online subscription to British Columbia Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Practice Manual, your firm will be able to: 

  • conveniently access detailed guidance at any time and from any location, search for relevant information, link directly to significant legislation, case law, and websites, and download precedents
  • understand the intricacies of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act and Regulation and the legal principles that apply to your case
  • get to the leading cases  you need for your client's case
  • access quickly over 60 of the most commonly used sample forms

Subscribe today and be well prepared to advise your clients with motor vehicle accident claims! View a sample from this book!

The 2023 Update to the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Practice Manual is current to February 1, 2023 and includes:

  • discussion the BC Court of Appeal's trilogy of cases on the assessment of damages for loss of earning capacity, and the court's decision upholding the constitutionality of the CRT's jurisdiction under the enhanced care scheme
  • discussion of BC Supreme Court cases on issues from amending pleadings, document discovery and privacy issues, production of material from social media, contributory negligence of children and of pedestrians crossing a road, deduction of benefits from damage awards, the role of contingencies in damages analysis, UMP claims of an out-of-province policy, and loss of financial support in family compensation claims
  • CRT decisions on Part 7 benefits post April 1, 2019, Part 10 enhanced benefits, and evidentiary issues and minor injuries
  • incorporation of amendments to the Insurance (Vehicle) Act and Regulation related to the introduction of the Enhanced Care regime
  • reminders in each chapter to consider the date of the accident to proceed under the appropriate legislative scheme

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