Western Canada Class Actions Conference 2016

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Learn how and why Western Canada has become a new centre of class action litigation

"Last Kick at the Can" Rebroadcast
Tuesday, December 13, 2016;
 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

(Original course: Friday, February 26, 2016)

Who should attend: Judges, plaintiff and defence counsel, corporate counsel, and in-house counsel throughout Western Canada who are interested in prosecuting or defending class action cases.

Learning level: All levels

This conference is your comprehensive review of the issues, the trends and the practices currently shaping class actions litigation --- from Western Canada and well beyond! If you practice class action litigation you must attend this conference!

Course objectives:

  1. Learn about current trends in class action litigation in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.
  2. Learn about the new area of suing for a statutory breach.
  3. Get a handle on a host of both old and new ethics and professionalism issues that can arise in class actions.
  4. Learn about current trends in class actions in the Canadian heartland: Ontario and Quebec.
  5. Learn about the issues and emerging jurisprudence surrounding the critical question: “What constitutes a class?”
  6. Learn about Plaintiff and Defence Perspectives from the Real Centre of the Class Actions Universe: the United States.
  7. Learn about two new developments in Class Action Litigation: Privacy and Drug Copyright.
  8. Learn about the challenges surrounding Class Action Settlements: Implementation Issues.
  9. Last but not least, hear The View from the Bench; no discussion of the current state of Class Actions would be complete without this.

Law Society of BC CPD Hours: 6 hours (a minimum of 1 hour will involve aspects of professional responsibility and ethics, client care and relations, and/or practice management).

Course Chairs
Ward K. Branch, QC — Branch McMaster LLP, Vancouver
Luciana P. Brasil — Branch McMaster LLP, Vancouver


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