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Civil Jury Instructions

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The only full set of civil jury instructions in Canada

This publication is essential for: Canadian trial judges and litigators working with civil juries

Current to: December 1, 2018

Jury trials involve an immense amount of work, especially when it comes to researching and writing charges. With approximately 100 standard, plain language instructions on jury trial procedure, evidence, torts, defences, and damages, Civil Jury Instructions does the heavy lifting for you. User notes and annotations to the instructions alert you to the relevant legal authorities, provide warnings, and offer alternative language. Checklists, sample questions, and a user guide help you effectively prepare for your jury trial. 

With this resource, you will be able to:


  • understand the specific evidence required to prove a particular action or defence

  • save time researching, drafting, and updating your collection of civil jury instructions

  • effectively prepare for trial

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Highlights of the 2019 Update include:


  • Revised jury instructions on:

    • expert evidence in medical negligence trials
    • aggravated damages for defamation
    • factors to be considered in awarding damages for sexual assault
    • assessing non-pecuniary damages

  • SCC annotation on limitations on use of ex turpi causa defence

  • BCCA annotations on:

    • required standard for explanation offered to overcome prima facie inference of negligence
    • trial judge error in failing to draw inference of negligence where there was uncontradicted evidence of same
    • test for just cause in wrongful dismissal cases
    • evidentiary foundation required to assess damages for mental distress beyond ordinary upset of termination
    • “basic test” for whether an “inferential” meaning is considered defamatory
    • “double counting” effect of considering the same factors under two different heads of damages


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