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Civil Jury Instructions--ONLINE ACCESS

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The only full set of civil jury instructions in Canada

This publication is essential for: Canadian trial judges and litigators working with civil juries.

Current to: December 1, 2017

Jury trials involve an immense amount of work, especially when it comes to researching and writing charges. With approximately 100 standard, plain language instructions on jury trial procedure, evidence, torts, defences, and damages, Civil Jury Instructions does the heavy lifting for you. Highly annotated, the instructions are consistently revised with relevant legal authorities and user notes of warnings and alternatives. Also covered in this manual are the processes of jury election, trial commencement, jury procedure, and review of a jury’s verdict. 

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand the specific evidence required to prove a particular action or defence

  • explain evidence and law relevant to your case in plain language

  • save time researching, drafting, and updating your personal set of civil jury instructions (if you are a judge)

Buy your copy and communicate clearly to civil juries today!

Highlights of the 2018 update:

  • annotations updated with:

    • SCC and BCCA discussion of awarding damages for mental distress without a mental illness diagnosis

    • SCC discussion of establishing causation based on speculative expert evidence

    • BCCA discussion of satisfying the requirement of causal connection between plaintiff’s breach of standard of care and loss sustained where contributory negligence alleged

  • new annotations on sexual assault consent and mistake of age defences in cases of plaintiff children

CLEBC Legal Editor
L. Joy Tataryn



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