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This publication is essential for: every lawyer presenting or defending an application for injunction in the BC Superior Courts or the Federal Court

Current to: April 1, 2020

The interlocutory injunction is one of the most powerful and flexible remedies available to a litigant. Whether in a labour dispute, land use dispute, Aboriginal rights dispute, family matter, commercial case, or intellectual property dispute, injunction applications always arise on an urgent basis, and it is essential that the lawyer prosecuting or defending such an application respond quickly, knowledgeably, and with candour. This guidebook outlines the general principles of interlocutory injunctions and provides valuable practice information not found elsewhere.

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  • conveniently access detailed guidance at any time and from any location, search for relevant information, and link directly to significant legislation, case law, and websites

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Highlights of the Third Edition:

  • injunctions principles and tests
  • risks and strategies for obtaining and enforcing this powerful remedy
  • crucial professional and ethical requirements
  • First Nations' access to injunctive relief to protect Aboriginal rights and title
  • evolving jurisprudence in the Superior and Federal Courts in organized labour, land use, family, and intellectual property disputes
  • preserving assets and evidence: Mareva, Anton Piller, and preservation orders
  • sample application materials, orders, and affidavits
  • sample enforcement terms and undertakings as to damages

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