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Privacy - 2013

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This book is essential for: lawyers or professionals in the areas of business, employment, professional regulation, health, or civil litigation involved in privacy issues.

Current to: May 2013

Update your knowledge
There have been many recent developments in the areas of privacy and access law. These course materials focus on the key recent developments in proactive disclosure and public body transparency, privacy and workplace technologies, and privacy breaches. The book provides practical knowledge and updates you on the essentials!

Course Materials Coordinators
Sara A. Levine — Alliance Lex Law Corporation, Vancouver
Monica S. Muller — Legal Counsel, Information Access, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, Vancouver

CLEBC Program Lawyer
Wendy McLean



Course Materials Author Ryan P. Berger
Course Materials Author Frances C. Doyle
Course Materials Author Scott Boucher
Course Materials Author Ian Christman
Course Materials Author Janina M. Kon
Course Materials Coordinator Sara Levine, QC
Course Materials Coordinator Monica S. Muller

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