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Closely Held Corporations: Tax Issues for Commercial Practitioners

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This book is essential for: commercial and tax lawyers, both litigators and solicitors, and those who advise clients about tax issues on an occasional basis; experienced paralegals may also find this book valuable.

Current to: February 2012 

Useful tax tips for commercial solicitors and litigators
This publication is a practical introduction to, and refresher on, common tax issues that arise in commercial transactions. Topics include: how to structure early stages of business, expansion and growth of the business, employee stock options, closely held corporations and family legislation, and business succession. This book is not only for solicitors; litigators will also find useful tips for tax issues that commonly occur in commercial transactions.

Course Materials Coordinator
David Christian — Thorsteinssons LLP, Vancouver

CLEBC Program Lawyer
Teresa M. Sheward



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