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Partnerships and Societies for LSS and Junior Lawyers

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This book is essential for: paralegals, legal secretaries, and lawyers who want a fundamental description of how to set up partnerships and societies.

Current to: April 2011

So it’s not a company!
So your clients don’t want a company structure, now what? In this set of course materials we explore how to create and work with a variety of alternative structures. Since most legal support staff don’t work with general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, or societies often, this must-have publication will provide you with the knowledge and ability to act quickly and confidently when these non-corporate structures arise.

Course Materials Coordinator
Anna Juch — Paralegal, Borden Ladner GervaisLLP, Vancouver

CLEBC Program Lawyer
Wendy McLean



Course Materials Author Sarah E. Hanna
Course Materials Author Diana Haynes
Course Materials Coordinator Anna Juch
Course Materials Author Anna Juch
Course Materials Author Wendy Parliament

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