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Bankruptcy and Insolvency Basics for Lawyers

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This book is essential for: junior lawyers practicing in the area of bankruptcy and insolvency law, banking lawyers, and lawyers looking to change their area of practice; it may also be of interest to trustees and lenders.

Current to: February 2011

Prepare to have all your questions answered!
Bankruptcy and insolvency law is taking a more prominent place in the minds of clients. In these materials, exceptional authors walk you through the basics and provide a solid foundation for dealing with common concerns and current issues in the bankruptcy and insolvency area. Brush up on pertinent statutes, trusts and priorities, deemed trusts, constructive trusts, and priorities, creditors’ and litigation issues, director and officer liability, family law and insolvency, personal bankruptcy, and discharges. Stay up to date with this thorough, topical, and practical resource.

Course Materials Coordinators
Mary I.A. Buttery — Davis LLP, Vancouver
Geoffrey H. Dabbs — Gehlen Dabbs, Vancouver

CLEBC Program Lawyer
Teresa Sheward



Course Materials Author Heather M.B. Ferris
Course Materials Author Bonita L. Lewis-Hand
Course Materials Author Jennifer McCracken, CIRP
Course Materials Author Lana Gilbertson, CIRP
Course Materials Author Sarah J. Nelligan
Course Materials Coordinator Mary I.A. Buttery
Course Materials Coordinator Geoffrey H. Dabbs
Course Materials Author Ben J. Ingram
Course Materials Author Christopher J. Ramsay
Course Materials Author William D. Riley
Course Materials Author Magnus C. Verbrugge
Course Materials Author Katherine M. Wellburn

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