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Estate Litigation Basics-2010 Update

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This book is essential for: lawyers starting out a practice in the area of wills, estates, and trusts litigation; the book may also be of interest to general practitioners.

Current to: October 2010 

Get back to basics!
This book provides you with the fundamental building blocks and essential information to litigate a wills and estates case and to build a practice in the area. We examine substantive, procedural, and ethical topics that will prepare you to successfully conduct your estate litigation practice
. Covered in this set of materials: drafting affidavit paragraphs, contested committeeships, challenging inter vivos transfers, a primer on the Wills Variation Act, probate actions, and dealing with the problem executor.

Course Materials Coordinator
Amy D. Francis — Legacy Tax +Trusts Lawyers, Vancouver



Course Materials Coordinator Amy D. Francis
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