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Blended Families: Practical Estate Planning Considerations

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This book is essential for: lawyers practicing in the area of wills, estates, and trusts; the course may also be of interest to lawyers practicing family law and to general practitioners.

Current to: May 2010

Blended families are more and more common but have very unique planning aims and requirements. This set of course materials examines the tools that are available to lawyers to assist in planning—wills, family law agreements, trusts, and others. Topics include: conflicts, confidentiality and other considerations, update on mutual wills cases and materials, Wills Variation Act, and fraudulent conveyances. The book also looks at the risks involved with the use of each of these tools and the practical considerations necessary in choosing the appropriate tools for your clients.



Course Materials Coordinator Shelley A. Bentley
Course Materials Author John Paul Boyd
Course Materials Coordinator Kenneth N. Burnett
Course Materials Author Sandra L. Enticknap, QC
Course Materials Author Fiona Hunter
Course Materials Author Kim A. Karras
Course Materials Author Helen H. Low, QC
Course Materials Author Duncan J. Manson
Course Materials Author Chelsea D. Wilson

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