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ISBN: 978-1-55258-674-7
Pages: 60
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This book is essential for: all those interested in learning the basics of franchising.

Current to: September 2010 

What You Need to Know
Chances are that a franchise agreement is going to land on your desk one day! This book is a primer for lawyers who wish to learn more about the drafting and preparation of franchise agreements and franchise disclosure documents, as well as those lawyers who advise prospective franchisees. Learn the essentials that are needed to advise your franchisee client before the client invests in a franchise.

Course Materials Coordinator
Tony Wilson — Boughton Law Corporation, Vancouver

CLEBC Program Lawyer
Wendy McLean



Course Materials Author James M. Bond, QC
Course Materials Author Blair A. Rebane
Course Materials Author Peter V. Snell
Course Materials Author Tony Wilson, QC

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