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ISBN: 978-1-55258-638-9
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Aboriginal Law Conference-2009

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This book is essential for: all Aboriginal law lawyers in private practice and government; others whose focus is on Aboriginal law issues will also benefit, including First Nations leaders, employees of First Nations or First Nations organizations, in–house counsel, and law students.

Current to: June 2009 

These are your annual Aboriginal Law Conference course materials. This year First Nations, government, and industry representatives, as well as leading counsel in the field of Aboriginal law, bring you the latest on a range of important topics. The focus is on the legal and pragmatic implications of the latest developments in Aboriginal law, and the effects on First Nations, provincial and federal governments, and industry. The book addresses issues relating to forestry, fisheries, permit approvals, statutory tribunals and the Crown’s duty to consult and accommodate, land tenure, international human rights remedies, and the recognition legislation initiative. Stay current in your practice with this comprehensive annual update.

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