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Aboriginal Aministrative Law: The New Realities

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This book is essential for: all Aboriginal law lawyers in private practice and government; others whose focus is on Aboriginal law issues will also benefit, including First Nations leaders, employees of First Nations or First Nations organizations, in-house counsel, and law students

Current to: March 2009 

The legal landscape in this area is a new reality that impacts all levels of government. First Nations are taking on more aspects of self-government within or outside of the Indian Act, and in the process generating administrative law issues of wide ranging impact. In this book, you will learn how First Nations are taking on more administrative law duties in respect of their members and, in some cases, non members residing on First Nations lands, as well as receive an examination of administrative justice reforms in British Columbia. The materials explore the Nisga’a Administrative Decisions Review Board, give a useful overview of the Westbank First Nation approach to administrative law structures, and present a thorough case study of the administrative law powers of the Tsawwassen First Nation under the recent Tsawwassen First Nation Final Agreement. Just what you need to complement your Aboriginal law resources.



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