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Administrative Law Conference-2008

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This book is essential for: those who appear before, advise, or sit as a member of an administrative tribunal.

Current to: November 2008 (REDUCED FROM $130.00)

How do you keep on top of the barrage of developments in this evolving area of practice? Our annual publication brings together submissions from a distinguished faculty of judges, academics, and leading lawyers who will arm you with the most up-to-date information along with practice tips, strategies, and advice that will enable you to practice effectively. This year’s book takes a significant look at recent developments in administrative law over the past year, with particular emphasis placed on Supreme Court of Canada decisions, as well as updates in the area of monetary remedies for administrative law errors. Special attention is paid to Dunsmuir and the dilemma of independence, followed by implications of the case for ss. 58 and 59 of the Administrative Tribunals Act and its effect on patent unreasonableness review under the ATA. A must have for administrative law practitioners to meet the new practice challenges.



Course Materials Coordinator Frank A.V. Falzon, QC
Course Materials Coordinator Angus M. Gunn, QC
Course Materials Author John J.L. Hunter, QC
Course Materials Author David Phillip Jones, QC
Course Materials Author Robin M. Junger
Course Materials Author The Honourable Judge Lisa J. Mrozinski
Course Materials Author T. Murray Rankin, QC
Course Materials Author Dean Lorne Sossin

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