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Business Immigration-2008 Update

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This book is essential for: lawyers specializing in the area of business immigration law or those who wish to develop a practice in this area; this book may also be of interest to corporate/commercial lawyers and accountants.

Current to: September 2008 (REDUCED FROM $130.00)

When you have business people as clients who want to come to Canada, they need an effective strategy. What are their options? What key factors must be weighed when deciding which route to take? This book explores the most timely and relevant issues facing business immigrants today. You will receive valuable information for choosing the best options for your clients, extensive information on the BC PNP Program and beyond, as well as tips for self-employed immigrants. You will also gain insight on a variety of topical employment and taxation issues for business immigrants, in addition to residency obligation exemptions. While receiving the most current analysis of such topics, you will also learn practical tips, strategies, and advice that will provide the best results for your client.



Course Materials Author S. David Aujla
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Course Materials Author Peter D. Larlee
Course Materials Author James P. Shumka
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