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Aboriginal Law: Solicitors' Issues

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This book is essential for: all solicitors and aboriginal law lawyers in private practice and government; others whose focus is on aboriginal law issues will also benefit, including First Nations leaders, employees of First Nations or First Nations organizations, in-house counsel, and law students.

Current to: October 2007

The practice of aboriginal law is in large part the solicitor’s practice wherein arise every day a myriad of issues demanding attention and action. These course materials address many of the issues, including: aspects of governance unique to First Nations and the challenge when drafting agreements; community development priorities surrounding decisions on housing, employment, education, and funding; how to best structure ownership and control of aboriginal entities and corporations; the latest about land management and rights of way; and the meaning of “strength of claim” in the context of consultation and accommodation. Whatever your level of experience, this book gives you the nuts and bolts you need to build a strong solicitor’s practice in aboriginal law.



Course Materials Author David K. Camp
Course Materials Author Darwin I. Hanna
Course Materials Coordinator Sarah A. Kelleher
Course Materials Author Rosanne M. Kyle
Course Materials Author Amyn F. Lalji
Course Materials Author Ronald H. Lauenstein
Course Materials Author Bill S. Maclagan, QC
Course Materials Author Heather Mahony
Course Materials Coordinator Michael McDonald, QC
Course Materials Author Nancy Morgan
Course Materials Author Geoff Moyse, QC
Course Materials Author David William Scearce
Course Materials Author Jack Woodward, QC

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