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Aging, Death and Divorce

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This book is essential for: intermediate/advanced lawyers practicing in the areas of family law, elder law, and wills, estates, and trusts; the book may also be of interest to health care professionals, advocacy groups, financial trustees, and anyone concerned with the rights of the elderly.

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With a cross-disciplinary focus, these materials assist family, elder, and estate law practitioners to anticipate and plan for unpleasant yet inevitable legal issues which can arise when aging, death, and divorce intersect. You'll get practical advice on parental support for dependent adult children, grandparents' custodial and access rights, binding support obligations, securing income and the options, financial issues and the incapable spouse, and implications of incapacity. Learn how to weather the storm when aging, death, and divorce come together.



Course Materials Author Thomas Anderson, QC
Course Materials Author Kathryn A. Berge, QC
Course Materials Author John-Paul E. Boyd
Course Materials Coordinator David C. Dundee
Course Materials Author David C. Dundee
Course Materials Author Anna Laing
Course Materials Author Edward F. Macaulay
Course Materials Author Karl A. Maier
Course Materials Author Brenda D. McEachern
Course Materials Coordinator Hugh S. McLellan

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