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Annual Review of Law & Practice - 2014

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Keep up with the year’s most important developments in the law

This book is essential for: All lawyers who want to keep current with the law.

Current to: January 1, 2014
Annual Review of Law & Practice gives you quick and convenient access to the key legal developments over the past year. This is the only resource in British Columbia that brings together analysis on 35 topics, written by leading members of the bar, in a succinct and organized format.
With this resource, you will save time:
  • finding the key decisions from the courts and tribunals over the year in a number of areas
  • researching significant amendments to legislation and policies made over the last year
  • understanding the importance of these legal developments to practice
  • keeping up with developments in topics outside your main practice area
This 2014 edition also includes a special Wills, Estates and Succession Act overview chapter.


Book Author Timothy J. Bottomer
Book Author Ryley M. Mennie
Book Author Daniel Shouldice
Book Author Eric L. Sherbine
Book Author Asif N. Abdulla
Book Author Leah Plumridge
Book Author Gemma Whitehead
Book Author Bruce MacDougall
Book Author Greg Allen
Book Author Alexander Demner
Book Author Carol M. Cash
Book Author Christie Lusk
Book Author Eileen M. Patel
Book Author Matthew Van Nostrand
Book Author Megan Street
Book Author Lisa Carlson
Book Author Scott Smythe
Book Author Sean Jones
Book Author Brandon Hillis
Book Author James D. Baird

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