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Labour & Employment Law Transition Guide

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This handy, paperback guide consolidates the latest versions of the Employment Standards
Act, Human Rights Code, Labour Relations Code, and Workers Compensation Act. Each Act is introduced by an overview analyzing the significance of the changes to the legislation, written by leading practitioners: Gwendoline C. Allison on the Employment Standards Act, Patricia J. Janzen on the Human Rights Code, Thomas A. Roper, QC on the Labour Relations Code, and Edward Bates on the Workers Compensation Act. The guide also includes Regulations under the Acts, so that the practitioner has the current legislation all in one place. 

CLEBC Legal Editor

Laura C. Selby               



Book Author Gwendoline Allison
Book Author Edward D. Bates, QC
Book Author The Honourable Judge Patricia L. Janzen
Book Author Thomas A. Roper, QC

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