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Wills, Estates and Succession Act Transition Guide

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This publication is essential for: all practitioners who do any wills and estates work.

Current to: November 1, 2010 

Prepare for the new Wills, Estates and Succession Act and the new Probate Rules with this helpful guidebook!

The Wills, Estates and Succession Act (the “WESA”) and the new Probate Rules are expected to take effect in late 2012. The WESA will enshrine modern principles in the first overhaul of succession law in British Columbia in 90 years, and reduce several estates law statutes to one. The WESA will provide courts with power to recognize non-compliant documents as wills, among countless other substantive reforms. The new Probate Rules and the WESA will simplify estate administration procedures for all sizes of estates.

But what exactly do the coming changes mean for our clients? Which existing wills and estate plans will need to be revisited? And what are the new estate administration and estate litigation procedures and principles in British Columbia? 

The WESA Transition Guide will help you get ready for the changes. This guidebook includes overviews of the WESA and the Probate Rules, detailed tables of concordance prepared by the BCLI and CLEBC, and full, annotated versions of the WESA and Probate Rules. You will also find topical chapters that review key emerging and transition issues, and learn what you don’t need to worry about at this time. The commentary in the WESA Transition Guide was prepared by many of the WESA’s central figures and other leading estates practitioners. All of the information is contained in an easy-to-use looseleaf binder, with an accompanying online version, both of which will be supplemented as needed over an anticipated two to three-year life of the publication.

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  • thoughtful overviews of the WESA and the Rules
  • complete text of the WESA
  • complete text of the draft new Probate Rules (supplemented by the final version of the Rules and Forms after they have been approved)
  • practical commentary on the implications of each section of the WESA and the Rules
  • tables of concordance for the WESA and the Rules, with “old to new” and “new to old” for ease of reference
  • topical chapters on the key features and issues of the WESA
  • all features of the publication current to November 1, 2010 (supplemented as necessary)
  • online access to electronic version with hyperlinks to primary law

CLEBC Legal Editor
Jonathan Vogt



Book Author Peter W. Bogardus, QC
Book Author Sadie L. Wetzel
Book Author Will D. Todd
Book Author James D. Baird
Book Author Gregory Blue, QC
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Book Author Mary B. Hamilton
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Book Author Roger D. Lee
Book Author Helen H. Low, QC
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