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BC Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation

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The long awaited practice manual for top-level estate planners in British Columbia

This publication is essential for: top-level estate planners in British Columbia.

Current to: April 21, 2015

You asked us for a comprehensive guide to help you provide effective estate planning strategies and tools for your clients and their complex portfolios. Leading estate and tax practitioners have responded—developing a made-in-BC resource for this expanding practice area. Take advantage of their collective wisdom in CLEBC’s British Columbia Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation. This accessible, multidisciplinary work will help you to determine a sensible approach for each client's needs, and to create trusts and other tools to minimize taxes and preserve wealth. You will be better able to handle a diverse range of client needs and situations, recognize possible pitfalls and problems, and determine when more specialized advice needs to be obtained. All the key knowledge is here, from valuable overview commentary to details of tax planning techniques and drafting considerations.

The book is updated annually. Subscriptions include online access with search capability and links to the full text of case law and legislation, and forms and precedents on CD-ROM.

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Highlights of the 2015 update:

  • new commentary throughout for recent tax developments affecting alter ego trusts, joint spousal trusts, spousal trusts, and other trusts; topics include
    • graduated rate estates
    • joint liability for payment of taxes
    • donation tax credits and effect on charitable giving
    • qualified disability trusts and disability tax credits
  • updated inter vivos trust clauses (chapter 5)
  • updated analysis of family law planning (chapter 6)
  • new discussion on compliance certificates of non-residents (chapter 9)
  • new passages on harmonization of European conflicts of law rules (chapter 10)
  • new coverage on elder abuse issues (chapter 13)
  • new case law throughout, including Carter v. Canada (Attorney General), 2015 SCC 5
  • all recent federal and provincial legislative changes affecting practice
  • all features of the manual brought current to February 1, 2015

CLEBC Legal Editor

Jonathan M. Vogt



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