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Wills and Personal Planning Precedents: An Annotated Guide

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Save time and draft wills that your clients can understand

This publication is essential for: anyone looking for BC-specific sample clauses for wills and related personal planning documents.

Clients are demanding legal documents they can comprehend, and wills clients are no exception. Immensely popular, Wills and Personal Planning Precedents: An Annotated Guide is your must-have tool for preparing plain language wills. It is the place to find BC-focused sample clauses for wills, powers of attorney, and other related documents. This guide also includes sample client questionnaires, forms, and letters along with commentary by Peter W. Bogardus, QC (retired), Mary B. Hamilton, and Sadie L. Wetzel explaining the use of clauses and alerting you to relevant law.

The online version features CLEBC’s document builder which allows you to select clauses, create complete documents, and save and download documents for future use. With this resource, you will be able to:

  • draft wills and related documents more quickly and confidently

  • fulfill your clients’ need for clear understanding of their wills

  • become more efficient by spending less time interpreting documents with each client

Highlights of the 2017 update

  • new chapter 37A (Advanced Directive Questionnaire)

  • new chapter 49A (Simple Representation Agreement (s.9))

  • chapters 24 to 37 (the client questionnaires) are completely revised and harmonized, including new and updated commentary for practitioners

  • substantial updates to clauses and commentary in many chapters, such as chapters 9 (Real Estate), 16 (Residue—Trusts—Will Clauses), 17 (Discretionary Trusts for Life for the Disabled Beneficiary), 19 (Powers of Trustees), and 30 (Representations Agreements (s.9)

  • many new clauses and precedents 

  • commentary throughout reflects new practice developments (e.g., tax developments, end-of-life decisions, digital assets)

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CLEBC Legal Editor
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