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Advising BC Businesses

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The business law practice manual for junior lawyers and general practitioners

This publication is essential for: all solicitors in their first five years of practice and also for general practitioners who do any business law work.

Current to: October 1, 2012 

Written by leading business law practitioners, this broad-ranging resource will help you provide effective advice and strategies for your business law clients. You can rely on this new made-in-BC resource for giving advice to businesses, including companies, societies, various types of partnerships, and other organizations. This accessible, multi-disciplinary work offers the type of information that good mentors pass on to their juniors (when they have time), with an emphasis on "how to" and practical tips.

Winner of the ACLEA Award for Professional Excellence in Publications, the two-volume publication covers all stages of advising a business, from the first meeting with the client (where the client has a new business) until the point just before the company goes public (but not beyond). You will be better able to handle a diverse range of client needs and situations, recognize possible pitfalls and problems, and determine when more specialized advice needs to be obtained. Key forms and precedents are included, and the book includes all the regular CLEBC finding aids, including a statute table and a subject index.

Subscriptions include online access with search capabilities and links to the full text of case law and legislation, and forms and precedents on CD-ROM.

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Highlights of the 2012 update

  • Chapter 1 (Initial Considerations)—Community Contribution Companies; Canada Not-for-Profit Corporation Act
  • Chapter 2 (Organizing and Operating a Business)—New West Partnership Trade Agreement; Community Contribution Companies
  • Chapter 4 (Equity Financing)—Crowdfunding
  • Chapter 5 (Business Acquisitions)—return to the dual tax system; amendments to the Competition Act; “net benefit to Canada” test under the Investment Canada Act
  • Chapter 8 (Tax Issues)—special computation rules for corporate partnerships; proposed amendments to the definition of “full rate taxable income” in relation to a “personal services business”
  • Chapter 9 (Intellectual Property Issues)—Federal Court of Appeal jurisprudence on a valid patent claim; 2012 amendments to the Copyright Act, including the mash-up exception, the time-shifting exception and back-up exception, and the technological protection measure
  • Chapter 12 (Environmental Law)—federal Species at Risk Act, Wildlife Act (and demolition issues), Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, forthcoming amendments to the Fisheries Act, and the Deposit Out of the Normal Course of Events Notification Regulation; provincial Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Cap and Trade) Act, Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Renewable and Low Carbon Fuel Requirements) Act, and Carbon Tax Act, 2012; the potential limiting effect of Smith v. Inco Limited, 2011 ONCA 628 to the availability of common law environmental claims; extension of liability to directors, officers, and corporate agents under various statutes
  • Chapter 13 (Insurance Basics)—changes resulting from the 2012 Insurance Act; Electronic Transactions Act; judicial consideration of the Health Care Costs Recovery Act
  • Chapter 14 (Estate Planning for Business)—transition back to the dual tax system; non-arm’s length transfer of assets
  • Chapter 15 (Resolving Disputes)—new jurisprudence on liquidation petitions and oppression claims
  • Chapter 16 (Bankruptcy)—new court procedures for bankruptcy proceedings; protections for creditors under the Fraudulent Conveyance Act, the Fraudulent Preference Act and limitation periods; deemed trusts under the CCAA and revisions to the Model Initial Order

CLEBC Legal Editor
Morag MacLean



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Book Author Jordan D. Schultz
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Book Author Megan Anne Filmer
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