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Company Law Deskbook

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Your legal support staff’s step-by-step guide to corporate filings and record keeping

This publication is essential for: corporate legal support staff and anyone responsible for corporate records

Current to: December 1, 2016

With all of the steps involved, it can be easy to become disoriented when performing corporate record keeping under the BC Business Corporations Act. The Company Law Deskbook provides you with concrete guidance through preparing and filing documentation for the most common corporate procedures under the Act such as incorporation, organization, share transactions, annual maintenance, financial matters, and much more. Each chapter of the deskbook begins with an explanation of basic relevant concepts followed by a checklist, tips, a list of statutory references, prescribed forms, and precedents for each type of corporate procedure.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • obtain a basic understanding of the substantive framework for each type of corporate procedure
  • save time figuring out the correct steps for preparing and filing corporate documentation
  • be confident in the accuracy and quality of your work

Buy your copy and take control of your corporate record keeping today!

The 2017 Update incorporates

  • new or significantly expanded topics, such as

    • new topic—conversion of limited companies and ULCs—in chapter 7 

    • expanded coverage of corrections and rescinding transactions—chapter 8

    • new topic—disposal of undertaking—chapter 9

    • new separate chapter for dissolution—chapter 11

  • expanded commentary for community contribution companies in several chapters

  • updates for amendments under the Business Corporations Act and new Societies Act, and all other relevant legislation

  • updates for prescribed forms and precedents throughout the book, and several new precedents

  • updates throughout for current Corporate Registry practice

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