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BC Personal Property Security Act Practice Manual

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Get answers to your PPSA questions—from negotiating security to non-compliance

This publication is essential for: lawyers looking for practical guidance on personal property secured transactions in BC.

Current to: September 1, 2017

Since its introduction, the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) has created complexities for lawyers advising on secured transactions. The only practice-oriented resource to BC PPSA transactions, BC PPSA Practice Manual is written in plain language and takes you through all parts of a secured transaction. This two-volume manual begins with a handy “Quick Reference Guide” on how to deal with common procedural questions. The chapters following are designed to assist you in achieving your goal, whether drafting a security agreement, negotiating a priority agreement, or enforcing a security interest.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • better explain to your clients the legal implications of debt-based financing procedures under the PPSA

  • check your work against helpful checklists for notice and limitation periods, leases, due diligence, and debtor names

  • save drafting time with over 60 secured transactions forms and precedents

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 Highlights of the 2017 update 

  • discussion of modern PPSA opinion practice and addition of a new PPSA debtor’s counsel opinion in current use in Vancouver

  • suggested opinion qualifications on: priority; non-perfection of security interest in serial numbered goods

  • revised annotation in security agreement as to acceleration clause

  • discussion of meaning of “chief executive office” in PPSA 7

  • jurisprudence as to commercial reasonability under both PPSA and Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act discussed

  • updated “Quick Reference Guide”


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