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BC Strata Property Practice Manual

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What you need to know to practice strata property law with success

This publication is essential for: solicitors and litigators looking for procedural guidance on dealing with strata matters.

Current to: February 1, 2018

Our province continues to undergo a high level of new strata construction and conversions. With ongoing legislative amendments as well as an active litigation environment, the BC Strata Property Practice Manual is your must-have resource for working in the field of strata property. Focused on practice and procedure rather than substantive law, this manual covers the legal requirements for creation, governance, operation, finances, and insurance of a strata corporation. In addition, it discusses dispute resolution and collections along with rental, employment, human rights, and privacy issues.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • handle the numerous complex legal relationships involved in a strata situation

  • advise your strata corporation, lot owner, manager, owner developer, and local government clients on their rights and responsibilities

  • save drafting time with over 50 strata property forms and precedents

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Highlights of the 2018 update

New and updated information on:

  • determining habitable area for purposes of unit entitlement recalculation

  • removing a limited common property designation made in error

  • proper interpretation of “reasonable legal costs” in registering and enforcing a Certificate of Lien

  • Residential Tenancy Act and Regulation amendments limiting use of “vacate” clauses in certain fixed-term tenancy agreements; effect on bylaws limiting strata lot rentals

  • Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) power to determine whether items are common property

  • CRT power to resolve repair and maintenance obligation disputes

  • use of CRT to collect non-lienable amounts without quantum limit; whether CRT is a better route than courts to
    recover fines

  • scope of CRT’s or court’s power to remedy significant unfairness

  • threshold for leave to appeal CRT decisions; standard of review on appeal

  • emerging Strata Property Act Part 16 litigation in cases of aging/uneconomical strata plans

  • voluntary winding-up resolutions and new processes with and without liquidator
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