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Local Government Under the Community Charter - 2009

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This book is essential for: All members of municipal councils and regional boards, officers and employees of local government, and practitioners and others who deal with local government.

Local Government Under the Community Charter will help you understand how local governments work under the new legislation. Written by a leading BC municipal lawyer and respected author, recast from his popular transition book written in 2004, the guidebook features everyday language, and provides practical information with coverage of all the key Charter and Local Government Act provisions. The chapters provide clear, reliable answers to the important issues. All the vital information is here in a portable format: the full consolidated text of the Charter, along with the text of the key transitional provisions and regulations; an overview of the Charter and how it was developed; a topic-by-topic review of how the Charter works with other enabling legislation to govern each aspect of local government law; and insights into how the courts of British Columbia and other Canadian “broad municipal powers” jurisdictions view the new approach to enabling local government. In each chapter, the author examines local government authority comprehensively, with reference to the entire framework of enabling legislation as well as early court decisions interpreting the Community Charter.

All features of this 610 page softcover book reflect current statute and case law and practice; a few highlights of the new edition are:

  • updated commentary incorporating all legislative and practice developments (including Charter and Local Government Act amendments, and recent case law under the Charter, including cases from other “broad powers” Canadian jurisdictions
  • the many amendments to the Charter and the Regulations since the Charter took effect in 2004, including several new sets of Regulations and new Charter sections
  • consolidations of the Charter, transitional provisions, relevant parts of the Local Government Act, the Local Government Bylaw Enforcement Act, and important regulations under the Charter and the Local Government Act, all current to February 1, 2009



Jonathan Vogt  




Book Author William A. Buholzer

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